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Dedicated to workplace safety, providing the best possible Height Safety Solution...

Focused on Safety, Quality & Reliability, ACCENT SAFETY SYSTEMS is committed to bringing every worker at height home safely.

Accent Safety Systems is Australian owned & operated company that supply, install, maintain & certify a wide range of height safety systems and products, designed and manufactured in Australia. Our safe access and fall protection systems are specifically designed to your safety requirements.  From design to construction and then maintenance, Accent Safety has the complete Height Safety Solution.

Our systems meet the highest safety standards and comply with relevant Australian Standards and OHS legislation.                                     

Accent Safety Systems also offers a Re-certification service where we can inspect, test and certify your system annually as required by Work Cover and Australian Standards AS/NZS 1891.4. This service includes professional advice, full documentation for the managing your safety systems and Certificates of compliance.

Accent Safety has progressed to become one of the most trusted companies specialising in height safety across Australia since 2009.  Accent Safety's team has worked together assisting builders, developers, property managers, schools, city councils, maintenance workers, architects and other consultant professionals with height safety solutions and ongoing service support.

We will continue to provide a dynamic attitude towards height safety, combining quality, range and innovation with service, to become Australia's leading supplier of Height Safety.

Look forward to working with you to provide quality products and systems to meet your needs!



Reaching new heights safely...
Accent Safety Systems
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