Do people really die from falling through skylights?? Yes!


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27 May 2016


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A man named Joe, who worked for the same roofing company for 25 years, fell through the skylight pictured above to his death. 

He was not wearing any fall protection and the skylight was not protected in any way. California's Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) put together this short video to honor Joe's life to remind us all that safety is not about statistics, but about real people who do not go home at the end of the day. On average 16 people die at work every day in the United States. That number is too high! This video will inspire you to work safer in any environment, but especially on roofs, working around unprotected skylights.

This video is a real life case and a devastating example of how dangerous insufficiently protected skylights can be.

Joe was described as a worker with many years’ experience in the working at heights industry who had been employed at the same company for 25 years. His co-workers describe the incidents leading up to his tragic death when he fell over 9 metres through an unprotected skylight.

The roof of the building where the incident occurred had numerous skylights but there were no guardrails or safety mesh and the workers were not wearing any type of personal protective gear or safety harnesses.

Joe was not doing anything reckless and his death could have easily been prevented with the installation of guardrails or skylight protectors or by the use of personal fall protection.

Most skylights are not designed to withstand the weight of a falling worker and you need to ensure that your building and your workers are sufficiently protected.

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