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ZERO Skylor Plus Helmet


An innovative industrial ABS helmet designed to offer maximum versatility and comfort. Ideal for the electrical industry, Skylor Plus is rugged and reliable with many standards.
The design allows for the seamless integration of ear protectors and protective visors.
- Equipped with headlamp holders.
- Small peaked brim
- 6 point head harness system allows good air circulation.
- Padding is detachable so it can be washed
- The fast-wheel adjustment provides a perfect fit in seconds.
Chinstrap with emergency opening system, designed to release when force is over 15N

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Also certified for; lateral deformation (LD), electrical insulation (440V a.c), very low temperature(-20°C) molten metal splash (MM)
Meets and exceeds AS/NZS 1801:1997 standards for impact and penetration.

ZERO Skylor Plus Helmet
ZERO Skylor Plus Helmet
ZERO Skylor Plus Helmet
ZERO Skylor Plus Helmet
ZERO Skylor Plus Helmet
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